Wahls Protocol 1:1 Coaching Program 




You are 16 sessions away from completely transforming your autoimmune disease with the Wahls Protocol



Learn actionable steps and tools that simplify The Wahls Protocol.



Develop a research proven method to manage your autoimmune disease



Gain the skills to stay focused and motivated on the Wahls Protocol for a lifetime!


Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?

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From Melody:

To me, your success is personal. You’re not in this alone. There is HOPE!


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She has given me the tools I need and the gift of healing

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-Mariela Gray


Step 1: Your needs

  • Assessment of your bio-individualized needs. We want to get your baseline - where are we starting from?
  • We look at your personal imbalances and deficiencies using a Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire (320 Questions)
  • We don't want a "band-aid" fix - we want to get to the root of the cause!
  • I give you access to a private VIP Cronometer so we can assess your daily nutrition habits


Step 2: Wahls Program

  • Hop on our first call to go over your results
  • Jump into Lesson 1 of the Wahls Protocol
  • We are going to talk about where your imbalances are in your body
  • Were going to break down how these 16 sessions are going to go


Step 3: Progress

  • 16 total sessions to adapt the Protocol
  • Each week we will have a different agenda that progresses you along the Wahls Protocol
  • After each lesson I will send you a handout to easily follow so you can implement this Protocol in a simple manner!


Step 4: Maintenance

  • I'll provide you with recipes, shopping lists and meal plans
  • I will also hand you Nutrition, Vitamin & Lifestyle Recommendations
  • I'm going to send you Macronutrient goals via Cronometer personalized to your needs
  • I make adaptions to your plan as needed to optimize your success in our journey together!
  • Two Reassessments- At the end of the 16 sessions - you will retake the Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire so we can visually tweak your protocol and track your progress!
  • During our time together, I'm here to keep you stay accountable, motivated and give you guidance